We design and build Fresnel lenses in clear flexible PVC and rigid acrylic to help truck, van and car drivers see into their vehicle blind spots, as well as headlamp diverters that stop drivers being blinded by on-coming headlights.

Designing and manufacturing the right wide angle lens for your project means determining the most suitable Focal Length to suit your visual  application. Typically our PVC Fresnel lenses are manufactured with a thickness of only 1mm and with the Focal Point of the lens situated in your chosen position.

Many of our Fresnel lens products are manufactured by hot press moulding, while others are more suited to high quantity injection moulding methods. The CAD drawing above shows our injection mould tool design for the volume production of headlamp diverters. Share your Fresnel lens product requirement with us and we will bring our Fresnel design, tooling and manufacturing expertise to assist in the completion of your project.