Fresnel Mirror


As part of our Fresnel lens product family we also design and supply high quality reflective mirrors to suit a wide range of user applications. Typically, these completely Freshnel Mirrorflat mirrors are designed to provide a reflected wide angle view of up to 100° and to fit in custom mirror housings.

Fresnel mirror lenses are widely used on automated teller machines (ATM), in bank window security and in the automotive industry, as a wide angle viewing device that offers the view of a convex mirror but in a completely flat, ultra-thin shape. They also have a strengthened surface coating for increased hardness, anti-weathering protection, anti-UV ageing and are scratch resistant.

Freshnel MirrorThe clear image quality and very wide field of view makes the Fresnel mirror particularly useful as an additional safety viewing aid on trucks, large vans, SUVs and Pick-ups. It can be located to gain multi-views both forward of the windscreen, downwards alongside and outwards to the nearside of the truck.


Example of Fresnel Mirrors in useIn today’s fast paced world, one of the greatest and most used innovations is the hole-in-the-wall ATM. However, using your card to draw cash or gain financial information, especially in the hours of darkness, invariably makes you conscious of your vulnerability to an attack or theft. This feeling is always heightened when a person stands behind you as you cannot, ‘keep an eye’ on them. 

Now, with the benefit of having a Fresnel mirror fitted to the front of the ATM you are immediately afforded a degree of comfort in being able to simultaneously see a wide view over your shoulders.


On passenger aircraft, Fresnel mirrors are proving very useful as a means for the cabin crew to quickly and effectively check the overhead lockers for space availability, or to ensure they are completely empty when the aircraft is vacated.