Everyone of us has been shocked sometime or another by a near miss we’ve had with someone, or something, when we have made a reversing manoeuvre in our vehicle, whether in a car, SUV or van. Tragically, we all too often hear or read about a terrible accident revealing how a small child has been killed or seriously injured right outside their own home, often by a parent or close relative while reversing from a garage or on their drive-way. The shocked driver cannot believe how the child was not seen by them until it was too late.

Problem of poor vision whilst reversingLack of clear driver vision into the blind spot, close to the back of the vehicle, is the cause of such accidents. A small child or other obstacle at the rear, whose height is less than the back window’s lower edge, is hidden from view and will not be seen in any of the reversing mirrors.

Fortunately, many of today’s more expensive vehicles do come with excellent extra safety devices such as audio warning systems, or video camera monitoring, which greatly assists the driver’s awareness. However, for those vehicles that do not have a system, or for those wanting additional protection, a low cost, direct vision device is also available and can easily be press fitted to the rear window glass.


Improved rear view visionBy simply press fitting a Hi Vu Fresnel lens inside the rear window of the vehicle, the driver is given an extra view through the lens area of the glass. In the picture opposite you will notice that, through the Hi Vu lens, the driver has a clear view down to the ground area directly to the rear of the vehicle. In this instance, had a small child decided to run through the gap between the two cars, the driver will have noticed, at a glance, the movement of the child and avoided reversing. 

The Hi Vu Fresnel lens is a small footprint, ‘next generation’ Fresnel lens, that comes complete with a ’peel back’ Full field of visionadhesive surround in a super thin flexible, ‘water clear’ PVC material. Measuring just 8" x 4½" (203mm x 110mm), the Hi Vu only takes up minimal window space and therefore does not obstruct the driver’s main viewing area through the rear window. Inexpensive and simple to fit, the Hi Vu lens offers a great solution to the driver for rear view safety checking.