Hi Vu Fresnel Coach & Bus Lens

Just as with trucks, it’s possible for coaches to get involved with side-swipe accidents on highways and motorways. During a lane change manoeuvre the coach driver is often momentarily blind on his passenger side. Once another fast moving vehicle passes through the coach’s long backwards facing mirrors, for a brief moment of time, the motorist alongside becomes invisible to the coach driver and in that split second, if a lane change takes place, a nearside side-swipe collision is possible.

Although the coach driver is seated lower than a truck driver, beyond the passenger door it’s difficult to see outwards from the  coach into the lane alongside. Simply fitting a Hi Vu lens in its vertical mode, (in the same way as for a van or SUV) allows the coach driver an excellent nearside view backwards and outwards from the coach into the next lane.

London Busses
Hi Vu Window Lens Covers Side-swipe Blind-spot
Hi Vu Window Lens Covers Side-swipe Blind-spot

Bus drivers in busy urban environments also find that the Hi Vu device enhances their viewing possibilities. Although there is plenty of glass window area around the bus, there is also a lot more public activity surrounding this type of vehicle. Hi Vu enables the driver to ensure at a glance that the close proximity area alongside his vehicle is safe during the many stop, start situations throughout the day.

If you would prefer to buy our Hi Vu lenses from the Freight Transport Association (FTA), - follow either of the links below.