Hi Vu Fresnel Van & SUV Side Lens

As a busy van driver you know just how hard it is to see what’s behind your van’s nearside panel. The mirrors do a good job, but the moment you have to lean as far forward as possible over your steering wheel, whilst trying to look through the passenger side window to see back and downwards, you know you’re in trouble. You feel sure there might be something within close proximity, but your mirrors don’t show a thing!

The picture below shows just such a van driver’s predicament when wishing to reverse out of a parking spot into a main road. The side mirror only shows the green bank directly behind the van on the other side of the road. The van’s side panel completely blanks out any other backwards view and so effectively the van driver is forced to  manoeuvre blindly. 

Increased field of vision with a HI VU Fresnel Lens installed on the Van Window

Now take a look in the Hi Vu Fresnel lens neatly fixed towards the rear of the passenger window. Hey presto, an on coming car in the main road is clearly visible.

The driver of this van can see this cyclist with the presence of the HI VU Fresnel Lens

When the Hi Vu lens is simply attached to the nearside window it will mitigate the blind spot, which standard mirrors and window views from the driver’s position do not cover. So, whether joining a motorway exit lane, manoeuvring into that tight loading bay or dodging a low hidden concrete bollard, the Hi Vu lens will provide that extra vision, taking the guess work out of those everyday exercises!

Hi Vu Fresnel lenses, unlike other makes, are multi-purpose lenses. In trucks they are fixed in the horizontal mode, while on Vans and SUVs they are simply press fitted in the vertical mode, as a look back aid.