Peeper Window Fresnel Lens


Peeper Window Fresnel LensSide-swipe accidents involving trucks of all types, are mostly caused by mirror blind spots and happen on highways around the world.

Invariably side-swipes happen at the moment a vehicle is alongside a large truck, coach or van when a lane change manoeuvre is made by either of the two vehicles.

Peeper Window in Side DoorIn the case of US and other LHD trucks, there is a driver blind spot on the passenger side of the cab alongside the fender mirror, near the front turning wheels. To aid driver vision into this area many US trucks have a ‘peeper’ window located in the lower section of the passenger side door. Although the ‘peeper’ window is quite small, it does allow an extra view alongside that door which is very helpful in moving traffic conditions.

As a further enhancement to the driver’s vision, this window is now often press-fitted with a wide angle Fresnel lens so that it affords an increased field of view in order to limit that dangerous blind spot area further still.

Avoid a side swipe accident

A Hi Vu Fresnel lens is a visual aid for safe driving that can be fitted to a truck ‘peeper’ window so that an enhanced wide angle view is available to the truck driver. Our lenses are available in a wide range of Focal Lengths and a choice of Focal Points and they have been accredited for use at select major US trucking manufacturers.

We specialize in working with our partners and original equipment manufacturers to produce soft pliable PVC and rigid (Acrylic) PMMA plastic Fresnel lenses for tractor units and other commercial vehicles. Additionally, we have the technical expertise to provide consultancy, design and manufacturing for in-vehicle ‘peeper’ or passenger window glass applications such as water based, clear adhesive and glass sandwich Fresnel lenses. Our lenses cover forward, rear or downward angles or a combination of views with positive or negative Focal Length, providing extended vision without the use of extra mirrors, expensive cameras or other detection systems.